TSS1: My Seizure Gauge Challenge

Monday, August 21, 2017 - 4:30pm

Session Description

The Epilepsy Innovation Institute at the Epilepsy Foundation is leading an effort to strategically allocate philanthropic capital for an early warning seizure risk-assessment system, known as My Seizure Gauge. We want to leverage the exciting research coming out of the seizure-forecasting field, emerging wearable technologies and machine learning for this effort. The goal for this initiative is multi-fold: • Enhance seizure warning and prevention capabilities • Improve quality of life and safety • Better understand the underlying environment that induces or allows for seizure activity • Identify new potential targets for intervention For this effort, the Foundation is assessing the state of the science, spearheading a patient preference initiative, and will be issuing an RFP (1 million dollars per year for the next 3 years) to a solution team to solve the Seizure Gauge challenge.


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